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The knowledge and skills of our specialists have gained extensive experience in the gemstone market. The total investment is directed to the members of territorial purchase of a certain area with a 100% fallow diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and others. Dredges. rocks. - Company for production, processing and marketing of drag. stones "Sparkling Stone" leads its work yet from 1994 to the present day. Accordingly, the companys founders have many years of experience and an extensive knowledge base in the proper management of the business. Over-estimate the success of the company is not difficult, because the profit in 22 years of sales in the CIS and exports to CIS countries amounted to more than 350 billion. Dollars.
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The project is under reliable control of leading experts
An experience
Since 1994, work on the market drag. fossil
Only a risk-free deal
Tariff plans
To improve the efficiency of investment, customer convenience and profitability, we have developed a 4-level investment bonus depending on the amount of invested funds. You can choose any kind of contribution, depending on your goals, desires, and the income level that you want to get
Tariff «EMERALD»
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The project offers 3 deposit plan for investment:
Tariff EMERALD 5% for 1 days
Tariff RUBY 30% for 3 days
Tariff DIAMOND 140% for 7 days
Also in the project operates a bonus program for investors:
Total deposits sum The percentage of the bonus
10$ +1%
100$ +3%
1 000$ +5%
5 000$ +7%
Advantages of working with us
Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists in the field of precious kamney.Vse employees of the highest qualification, giving our customers the comfort and ensure the integrity of our staff.
We work with the best experts in their field, our team is not the first year confirms its expertise to its achievements and successful transactions.
We see the world differently. We strive for higher, dream bigger and look to the future. We tried to make everything 10 times better than anyone else has ever done before.
We - the honored experts in their field, each transaction for us, this is a great LIABILITY, because we use only rational approach and safe methods of trading.
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Project CRYSTAL.CASH has an official level and supported with appropriate documentation. Taxation of all participants we undertake.
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