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Gems equal to the work of art. On each of them to find your lover.

If we are talking about investments - the advantage of precious stones in front of the metals is quite high and is that one of the gold bullion in the CIS countries to pay the state a tax of up to 18%. The stones are the same tax is not obligada. Prices for minerals are more stable and do not change as often as metals.

Our company is a production, processing and marketing of gold. stones "Sparkling Stone" operates since 1994 and to this day. Accordingly, the company's founders have years of experience and vast knowledge in the proper management of the business. The super-success of the company is easy to estimate, since the profit in 22 years of sales in CIS and exports to CIS countries amounted to more than 350 billion dollars.

For more profitability, the leaders of the company decided to launch online platform in which everyone could earn through investing.

The predicted giant CRYSTAL.CASH - large-scale Internet project, whose activities are aimed at ensuring anti-crisis provisions for social strata at the expense of Investment in the Mining of Precious Stones.
The total investment of participants sent to territorial purchase of a certain area with 100% Deposit of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies etc. drag. rocks. Many specialists, up to the archaeologists and gemologists, definitively calculate and select the area to start mining. The purchase of piece of land, in the depths of which are brilliant live, there is accordingly no small monetary cost, and in order to buy the next plot, you need to handle the stones and to perform the transaction on their sale.

Through investment from the project CRYSTAL.CASH we will be able to significantly speed up this mechanism, because a smooth and streamlined transition from one complex action to another will save much time and will bring more revenue to the company.

To take part in our project can be absolutely every user, regardless of gender, age and skills. Investment in CRYSTAL.CASH is the opportunity to acquire financial independence and excellent long term income.